The birth of Korea¡¯s service design and the discovery!
¡®Service Design Naissance¡¯, announces the advent of the new service design era in Korea.

We, Service Design Council, invite you to our first Conferenty (Conference + party).

World's industrial structure is rapidly changing from manufacturing industry to service industry; service market is expanding; and, the commercialization of manufacturer¡¯s service is now in rapid process. Thus, the importance of ¡®service design¡¯ as the practical technique for the service innovation is globally spreading.

In this context, being accompanied with the duties of the times to provide the core values for the advancement of domestic service industry and the responsibility for the qualitative growth and innovation in service design industry, we established seamless cooperative system and launched a council for sharing the knowledge regarding service design and promoting the service design. Thus, we are hosting Open Conference Party, the first meeting between service designers, under the theme, ¡°The birth of Service Design and Discovery- Service Design Naissance¡¯¡±.

¡°Service Design Council¡± born through the new discovery of service design in Korea will decorate this conference party as a meaningful event in which the first step will be made towards the continued development of service design and the value creation. I ask for your interest and participation in the party for the exchange and the empathy between the designers brimful of service design thinking.

- Date and time: November 25(Fri), 2011/6:00 to 10:00 pm
- Location: Cheongdam BE. HIVE (1 floor, approximately 65 Pyeong) / Dress code: Yellow

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